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What to Avoid in Employer Branding?

To attract the top talents towards your organisation, employer branding is one of the most sought-after mediums, and one of the easiest ways through which you can attract a large pool of talented people towards your organisation. Before embarking upon their employer branding journey, every company or an organisation needs to have a very strong strategic plan for the purpose of employer branding.

However, things don’t always go according to the organisations needs and desires and sometimes this strategically well created plans drastically end, and the whole concept for which brand employer branding was done comes to an abrupt end.

Why do companies need employer branding?

In the past few years the shift of focus has gone from the employers perspective to more towards employees perspective. Before sending in the applications, like even before trying to get in touch with the HR of the organisations, the employee always does a thorough background check about your organisation through the various review websites that are present all over the internet and tries to gain insights about the culture that you promote, the freedom that you give to the candidates, the work environment that you are having, whether you allow co-working on whether you allow hierarchical structure, all such things are being checked in by the employees and after they get the organisation that they desire for, only then they are now-a-days sending in their applications to be processed ahead.

Employer Branding acts as an advantage for your company as- 

  • Large pool of talented people is attracted towards your organisation.
  • The company’s identity is strengthened.
  • A really interactive and a very great candidate experience is being given through this.
  • Ratio of turnover decreases to all time low, and it eventually benefits the company in the long run.

Mistakes To Be Avoided!

Listed below are some of the mistakes that you should avoid while doing employer branding.

  • Lack of authentic connection with employee to be.

Not all organisations are of the same size, of the same financial structure, and don’t have the same budget  for the purpose of employer branding. It becomes very hard to complete out there in the market full of potential candidates where even the larger companies are on the hunt for great people for their organisation,  the thing is you can’t really compete with these organisations on budget turns, on the terms of resources that they can pull in, but you can definitely get in touch with the candidates who are most likely suitable in a role on which you have a vacancy and try to build a one-on-one relation with candidate and see if that candidate is really interested and looking forward to attending your organisation or not.

What mistakes generally the organisations do, is the thing that they simply blast out job postings on the various social media platforms, but, many a times they themselves are not much concerned about getting connected with the candidates that are present out there till the time  candidate upon themselves gets connected to the organisation by applying to the job link and it acts only as a fatal mistake for your organisation many a time.

  • Loose employer branding strategy.

Why many employer branding strategies and plans fail is due to the fact that they are not executed well, on paper they might seem like it’s the best strategy that you can ever have for organisation but the thing is there are always fatal mistakes present in their strategies. Sometimes we can see that the employer branding strategy is not on a constant basis which in the long run will surely not help towards your organisation,  in other circumstances we can see that the employer branding strategy that an organisation has is related to implementing all the things from the smaller expects to the bigger aspects in one go and not scheduling it according to weekly basis or a monthly basis or yearly basis, this again hampers your brand image.

The correct method for doing the same should be that you should always have a proper strategy. A calendar should be made to monitor all the employer branding activities that are being done and like what are the results that you get out from them, what works for your Strategies and what doesn’t work for your strategies. 

  • Quality matters, not Quantity.

To maintain their presence on the social media, on the various platforms of social media, companies put out social media post on their pages, the thing is, a great mistake that they do is sometime they keep updating this post on the pages on a regular basis like every half an hour or so and you can see a post being put up from there end on your feed.  This type of strategy will surely not work and will eventually irritate the candidate or the people generally looking towards your organisation and they will simply block your pages which will again lead to the loss of contacts made with the people which were already present there.

To avoid this mistake of spamming your candidates and the general public, you should always have a proper strategy regarding what type of content should go, what type of content works for your organisation, a proper content calendar should be made and post should go at a particular point of time in the day when they are capable of getting the most reach and the most reactions from the people out there.

  • Never leave out your current Employees!

The greatest mistake that as an organisation you can never make while implementing the branding strategy is the fact that you leave out on the current employees that you are having, you should always take advice from current employees, should ask them to spread a good word of mouth about the current organisation and should ask them to get the references that would work the best for your organisation and take help from them in whatever way you can.

To  make the best out of your current employees and to see that, they are really helpful towards you, you need to check the fact that of all the time that they spend in your organisation, they are having a good time and they are never getting depressed working in your organisation, getting irritated by your organisation and are really appreciable towards your organisation.

Always remember if you can’t really appreciate the employees that you have, a bad word of mouth from their end, an unwillingness to indulge in organisation building strategic plans will surely hamper your business plans in the long run and your organisation will surely hurt in the current period also.

On a conclusive note, I would just like to say that there can be many strategies through which you can do your employer branding, but there can be even more fatal mistakes that you can think through all your branding strategy, the thing is you need to be aware about what should go in your favour and what isn’t going in your favour, you should be innovative in your approach and should look out for ideas from your employees, from organisations with which you are sharing a bond  and from people who will always work towards creating the good for your organisation.

Always remember that above mentioned are some of the mistakes that an organisation makes, but there can be many more mistakes that an organisation surely makes in an employer branding strategy and you need to be well aware about all those mistakes.

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