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What kind of work can and cannot & should and should not be done remotely – A guide for businesses

Can the ‘New Normal’ be set-in as ‘Normal’?

Can I work from home? Shall I give work from home to my employees? Can this work be done remotely? Well, if you are struggling with these questions and no matter how much you try, it just keeps popping up every now and then, you’ve landed at the right place. 

This pandemic has forced us to question ourselves – if we can make this “New Normal” as “Normal”? And adjacent to this very question – can this be done universally, within all sectors? Well, a clear cut answer for this is no, and this no comes with some terms and conditions which will be explained down below.

Here is a guide for you to find out if you can make this ‘new normal’ as your ‘normal’, or not.

Work which can be done remotely 

If you are somebody who works in the finance or insurance sector, or you are somebody who works on a computer or laptop and is into fields like Digital Marketing, graphic designing, social media manager, accountant, product manager, software engineer and the list goes on – then this new normal is a luxury for you my friend!

Below mentioned are some work or sectors which can enjoy this luxury:

  1. Finance and Insurance sector
  2. Management
  3. Information Technology and Technical Services 
  4. Interacting with Computers 

Now, when we think of working remotely, there are certain types of work which can be done remotely, but might have an adverse effect on its quality. 

Below mentioned are some works which can be done remotely but might affect the quality of that work.

  1. Teaching, counselling, or coaching 
  2. Training and Development
  3. Work related to establishing an interpersonal relationship
  4. On boarding and off boarding of employees

These are some work which are being done remotely, but the effectiveness of the work has suffered a lot. These types of work are better if they are done in-person. The more the human touch, the better are the results and quality. 

However, due to the pandemic, we were left with no other option but to embrace remote working. Technological adoption helped a long way in catering to these sudden changes and helped in improving the quality of work.

Work which cannot be done Remotely

Well, if you are somebody who requires some equipment or instruments to perform your work, if your work is majorly related to controlling mechanical equipment and instruments — then remote working is as good a barrier to you and will add nothing but hindrance to your work.

Below mentioned are some work that cannot be done remotely:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Transportation and warehousing
  3. Agriculture
  4. Mining
  5. Construction
  6. Healthcare services

All this work can never be done remotely. This pandemic has either forced these work/sectors to shut down or have given an option to them to operate with high risk.

If we talk about the construction industry, initially it suffered a forced shut down. But, as the situation started to improve, the industry started to accelerate again. Presently, this industry is not working at its best pace, but are somehow tackling the problems.

On the other hand, if we look at the healthcare industry, they never stopped their operations and were working at a very high risk. If we look at the situation presently, they are still operating at a high risk.


In a nutshell, remote working is something which can never be taken and applied universally. There will always and always be some exceptions to it. Like the 80/20 rule, the ‘new normal’ can also set in as ‘normal’ with some exceptions — that will always remain evident.

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