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How to attract the best talent for your company?

Every recruiter has one goal, to find the perfect candidate for their job opening. The market is full of talents and a wrong move can make one lose a great candidate. One needs to carefully build a strong and planned employer branding strategy to help one stand out from the competition.

Here are some strategies that will help one attract the best talent for any organisation that they are associated with- 

1.Present good fringe benefits

The most attractive companies take all of the great benefits they offer and then adapt them to the position they are seeking to fill. For example, a senior engineer is likely older and more established compared to a candidate just entering the job market, perhaps emphasizing child care assistance rather than the Friday night team outing would be more enticing. More examples would be such as offering incentives, free refreshments, paid leaves, period leaves etc.

2. An accurate Job post

Being a recruiter can be a really difficult job at times. For the most part, recruiters and HR staff have to write job ads, which can make or break the company’s search for talent. Recruiters should make sure their job ads are proofread, double-checked, accurate and provide crisp, to the point information, to avoid discouraging potential applicants from applying. 

3. Advertise the work environment and profile

As a recruiter one should show the potential candidate the great opportunities that come with working for your organization can be a fantastic recruitment tool. 

For instance, giving examples of succession plans or the career progression plan of already hired talent recruited into a similar position can in-still a level of confidence in the candidate that their employer will work to further their career.

Be truthful about what is needed in order to be successful in a new role. If a candidate needs to develop new skills, the company should accordingly have a plan for how to help them develop those skills. 

4. Social media recruiting

In today’s ever evolving world, the Human Resource team should be active enough on social media to attract the best talent. They should search for potential candidates and encourage them to apply to their company. Build a reputation and a strong connection through social media recruiting. Learn how to effectively promote your employer brand on social media. For example, have active accounts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc., the more connections and followers you have on the social media profiles the better. Most people find it convenient to apply for jobs or research about various companies through these social media platforms itself. 

5. Reach out to great applicants from the past

As a recruiter, one makes some tough hiring decisions in one’s everyday job. Cutting the list of applicants down from 500 to 10 is a lot easier than choosing which of those final 10 are going to be hired. When a recruiter has several really talented, experienced candidates who would make a great fit for the role, it often comes down to nuances when making the final decision.

As for those candidates that didn’t get hired – they could be one’s best asset for recruiting great candidates in future. These are the candidates that lacked a certain something but would make a great employee for future openings – so keep their contact data handy.

Whether it’s for filling a similar role, an extra position they hired for or replacing your number one choice, these are the people to reach out to.

6. Improve the job interview procedure

The candidates that reach the interview stage require extra effort – you need to sell them the role, as much as they need a new workplace. Unfortunately, this is where many recruiters fail. 

 83% of candidates said that a negative experience in an interview could change their opinion about a role in a company they liked.

-LinkedIn’s research

7. Be flexible

Employees look for companies where work pressure doesn’t affect their personal life. A modern-day company offers so much to their employees. The work conditions should be balanced and it shouldn’t become monotonous to work all day.

Give them something extra like work from home options at times, weekly offs, open environment office. Many companies conduct friendly sports matches to keep the employees entertained. A sense of rejuvenation and freedom is very crucial else it would become a traditional workplace of 9-5. In short, get away from the conventional working standards and give the employees a unique work environment.

8. Shorter time to hire

Many talents are lost because the recruitment department takes too long to decide or contact. Meanwhile, competitors are waiting to hire potential candidates for themselves. The time taken to respond is so long that, either the person has bagged another job or has lost interest in your company due to the delay. 

One should value the time of others as one value theirs. Let the students, professionals not wait and contact them instantly as you scan through their profile and find them deserving. Speed up your recruitment process to avoid the risks of a delayed recruitment process

To sum up, communication is key to attracting top talents— if you don’t explain why your company is a great place to work, you will not attract the best candidates.

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