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A Guide for Managers to Use Remote Working Team Effectively

Remote working has already acted as a heavenly tool for all the employees and the freelancers working for the respective organisation and the company.  Due to the presence of the function of remote working,not only  have the employees been able to just work from the pleasures of their home or from any other place that they admire, but have also been shown to be much more productive in their work then what they used to be before. The work from home option has provided the employees not just hindsight from the constant eyes of the managers but has been successful in also providing them enough time to indulge in any other activity that they don’t have not been able to do before. 

When we talk about remote working, we need to see that remote working is not there just for the employees but it’s even for the managers that are present out there in the organisation and remote working experiences for a manager and an employee will be completely different, while it would be much of a pleasure for an employee it wouldn’t be so much of a pleasure and more of a headache from the perspective of a manager.

Although the manager also gets the benefit of working from home, they need to manage their teams in such a way that the efficiency and the productivity of the employees does not go down and even further see that they are not missing out on the meetings or the deadlines that any particular project might be having. Apart from this the managers also need to ensure that there is proper communication between them on a constant basis even though the employees are working on a remote basis.

As a manager you need to take help of techniques and tools to make sure that you are able to effectively manage your team, be it of 5 people or 50 people in the times of remote working.  

Below we will see some of the methods that a manager can apply to make sure that the team’s performance does not go down and that the manager is effectively able to manage the  team. 

  • Promote Company Culture

There cannot exist a company or an organisation which can fare well in their work spheres, without the presence of a company culture or a company culture that is not being promoted.To make sure that there is a good company culture prevalent in the organisation of the company, when we were working offline a lot of methods were present there, the same method however cannot be implemented in times of today due to the remote working facilities available, however, the company culture  can still be promoted in between the employees by constantly holding video meeting with them, by getting in touch with calls over them and regarding any problem that they might be facing or having some cultural informal meeting at the end of a week to discuss all the happenings that have gone through in the past week and informal aspects and to promote culture through team building online activities & games.

  • Equip Team with Tools

A lot of our team members can be tech-savvy and might be having a lot of digital equipments with them ranging from a good laptop, a good camera, a Workstation for remote working to other related aspects,  on the other hand some of our team members are not so  much tech-savvy and will not be having state-of-the-art digital product with them. So we as a manager can connect with them and get to know about the requirements that they might be having to try to facilitate in those products if they are not having this product and try to create a space where they can work effectively and productively from the pleasures of their home.

  • Provision of Emotional Support

We all loved working from the office and it is due to a certain reason that we are  currently working from remote places or from our homes, when we were working from the setting of an office, employees used to meet each other and used to discuss things that they otherwise would not discuss with their family members or with you.  The point is that also they are not in the office space right now they will still be needing support and due to remote working they might not be able to get in touch with all the peers that they used to work together in the office, you can act as a source for helping hand for them and can talk to them about matters apart from work,  provide them emotional support when they need,  cause working from home has not been the same for everyone, not all are enjoying the same and many a times employees are breaking down in search of emotional support.

  • Formulate daily check – ins

In the normal office setting people always have a morning meeting as soon as the entire team is in the office and the various departments are complete. Sometimes this thing gets lagged and a daily check-in is not being done from the management in remote working,  make sure that you are checking in daily with the  different team members to know about the task, objectives and the status about completion of work on them and if there is any problem that they are facing,  it will also help to formulate a bond and keep everyone ontrack of of what direction the work is heading to .

  • Respect the worker

In times of remote working it can be again and again seen that the workers are working overtime and what remote working has done is that it has reduced the difference between the home time and the office time, the workers are contacted by their managers even in off office hours, late at night or in the early morning and are constantly being pressured to work even on the weekends at times, this is something which will not lead to organisational development at well in the long run surely. To prevent such things from happening, it is better that you respect the privacy of the worker, respect the time of the worker and let work be work only and don’t make it as a life threatening experience for the worker and make sure that you give the worker enough space to breathe and to enjoy the work not to consider the work as a burden.

A lot more methods can be applied and a lot more techniques are surely there which will help a manager to build the team more effectively in times of remote working.

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